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Ciracle Pore Deep Cleansing Brush 0.045mm Blackheads Clean Pore Sebum


[0.045mm fine brush hair]

Thinner than hair and soft brush hair strengthens the cleansing effect!

[Abut 310,000 density]

Very minute and soft, removes all the waste on skin.

[Removes sebum in pore]

fine brush hair removes sebum and blackheads isn pore that cannot be reached by hands

[Amazing cleansing effect of 0.045mm fine brush hair]

0.045mm fine brush hair deeply cleans pore waste blackhead.

It is much cleaner to use pore brush than just washing face with hands.

[Cleanly cleanses, low irritation cleansing]

effect! Ciracle pore brush is dense.

so just rubbing skin softly cleans the skin well.

Evenly distributed pressures from artificial brush hair minimizes irritation on the skin.

Made in Korea

[How to use]

1. Wet face & brush

2. After applying foam cleanser or soap to brush ,  foaming and massage over the face on softly on a circular motion.

3. Rinse with well with clean water.

[How to care for pore brush]

After using pore brush, wash it cleanly and squeeze wools well.

Then, hang this and dry in a cool & airy place.

[Soft pore brush : Highly recommend to those:]

who worry due to broaden pore

who have blackheads & wastes inside of pore

who want mild & soft cleansing.

who want deep cleansing over the face.


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