Pore Cleansing Brush


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Product Description

Ciracle Pore Control Cleansing Brush helps to effectively cleanse the skin with over 300,000 superfine non-animal fiber bristles. This brush is perfect for anyone who wants a deeper yet softer cleanse. It also helps to remove sebum, dead skin cells, and blackheads without irritation.

Properties of Pore Control Cleansing Brush

  • 0.045mm fine soft brush hair
  • Bristles thinner than human hair
  • About 310, 000 density
  • Non-irritating
  • Assists with removal of waste from skin
  • Helps achieve a better cleans than using hands alone


  1. Wash your face and the cleansing brush
  2. Apply cleanser to brush and start to massage over the face in circular motions
  3. Rinse and pat it dry

Note from Ciracle: To care for the Pore Control Cleansing Brush, wash it cleanly and squeeze the excess water out of the hairs. Hang to dry in a cool and airy place.


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